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School Library Philosophy

I believe an outstanding school library teacher is one who has the ability to encourage and motivate students to reach their highest potential. This educator is familiar with differentiated instruction and has the ability to adapt her teaching approach to meet the needs of students with varied learning styles. She is flexible and able to change course during a lesson in order to keep students on track, and possesses the drive and patience to ensure that all students meet their learning goals. An outstanding library teacher remains curious throughout her career and continues to stay current with new technologies and to seek professional learning opportunities. This educator also has the ability to connect and collaborate with fellow teachers, and is familiar with the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks and uses them as a guide for building lesson plans. Additionally, outstanding librarians truly enjoy working with young people and encouraging their desire for life long learning.

My experience working with students as a library volunteer and student library teacher allowed me the opportunity to demonstrate the above characteristics. Additionally, the education I received at Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science prepared me to successfully manage a school library, to support the school community, and to work closely with students and teachers at all grade levels.


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