Elizabeth Sower's Online Portfolio


Inquiry-Based Learning Support

Below is a sample of the pathfinders I created over the course of my practicum experience at Newton North High School. These pathfinders support inquiry based learning and 21st Century Skills and equip students with the authoritative and accurate resources they need to complete assignments. 

For those pathfinders created to support specific assignments, the resources listed were selected after discussing the coursework with the classroom teachers and collaborating to determine how the library could best support their students' needs. 

Close Up Pathfinder
As a support piece to the Close Up Lesson Plan, this pathfinder introduces students to the evaluation of online resources and provides links to accurate and authoritative current events websites. 

Community Resources Pathfinder
This pathfinder, created for Newton North students, contains links to resources in Newton and nearby communities. 

Internet Safety Center Pathfinder
This educational Internet safety and anti-bullying resource is intended for all Newton North students. The pathfinder addresses Frequently Asked Questions about acceptable technology use in the library, provides links to Internet safety websites, and details the Components of Evaluation of online resources. 

NaNoWriMo Tools Pathfinder
Created in direct support of a grade ten English Language Arts  class, this pathfinder provides links to support creative writing. 

Parent Resources Pathfinder 
Links to important resources for parents, including the PTSO homepage, school calendar, important school information, teen health, and Cyber Crime and Internet Safety links, are included in this pathfinder. 

Research on the Prophets Pathfinder
In support of the grade nine Research on the Prophets: Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad lesson plan, this pathfinder contains links to three subscription databases as well as pre-run searches in each database for each prophet. 

What Happened to Melinda Pathfinder
This pathfinder supports a freshman English class project centered on the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. The pathfinder provides links to resources about teen dating violence and sexual assault.