Elizabeth Sower's Online Portfolio


Readers' Advisory

New Books Display at Newton North High School

Providing readers' advisory to students is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of school librarianship. I stay current with children's and young adult literary trends by reading widely and studying professional publications such as School Library Journal, Teacher Librarian. Additionally, I read book review websites and blogs including teenreads.com, GuysLitWire, The Reading Zone, and Abby the Librarian. I stay connected with students by inquiring about and listening to their reading and extracurricular interests. 

Outside of a Dog Blog

In addition to providing one-on-one Reader's Advisory for students and presenting themed Book Talks, I maintain the Outside of a Dog Blog, where I review a variety of Young Adult titles. 

Student Recommendations


I believe that an effective way of reaching readers is to have students recommend books to one another. At Newton North High School I  created a Student Starred Books Display. Located near the front entrance, the display housed books “starred” by students. The display provided students with the opportunity to recommend “good reads” to their peers by placing star stickers in the front cover of the books.